torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

The Future And Past of Colors of Zanzibar

Happy New Year!

This year Colors of Zanzibar starts it's third year in business and I was thinking to reflect a bit on what we've done and what to expect from the future.

Two years ago we were just a very excited young couple who had decided on starting a travel company. We had great dreams of changing tourism to be more culturally aware, to benefit locals and to empower women. Of course we also had a vision of being able to build a good, working, sustainable company.

In our newly opened office in the beginning of 2012!

In the beginning every enterpreneur has dreams that are un-realistic. We definitely thought things would go faster – and kinda also forgot the feared TIA factor (This Is Africa). But as I look back now, I'm very happy with the company we have built!

We have just opened a new tour in Matemwe Village. It's the third cultural village tour we have, and the best example of how easy it is to do good! Just by starting this tour we have encouraged women to merge their businesses, and the local school is happy for the donations every tour gives to them. Also the village tours make tourists and villagers to become closer and to learn to know each other, which is an important thing on an island where locals are not always sure if tourism benefits them in any way, or is it just taking their space and changing their culture.

Matemwe Village Tour, first group ever with the help of Panga Chumvi Beach Resort!

During these two years we have found a wonderful office for ourselves and made it to look like us. We have also found the best team to work with, and I couldn't be more thankful for the people we have in our lives and who care about Colors of Zanzibar!

What will the future bring?

We are preparing a Princess Salme Tour together with the Sayyida Salme Foundation, the best expert about Princess Salme and the royal life in Zanzibar. This will give tarvellers a glimpse to the Zanzibari court, wrapped around the famous story of a Zanzibari Princess who became the first published woman writer from Zanzibar in the 20th century.

Another big, big thing is the NGO we are starting! It will hopefully help with educational issues in Zanzibar, but more about that later. We are also starting a volunteering program hand in hand with another organisation, but also about that I will be able to tell more in just a bit. Just so you know – you can already ask about volunteering possibilities in Zanzibar, especially in arts or in the social sector.

I hope the future will bring a lot of good things for you all!